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Environmental protection

Environmental Protection

Dubrovnik Airport has continuously planned, implemented, checked and evaluated the efficiency of the activities taken, which were directed to environmental protection by meeting conditions integrated in international standards and Croatian regulations with the goal to improve environmental quality and provide control of any adverse impact on the environment. By encouraging development and through the implementation of modern business processes and technologies whose goal is to decrease adverse impact on the environment, as well as by increasing the efficiency level of energy, raw materials and waste management,all actors in the business process shall become aware of a continuous need for environmental protection focused on prevention. The company implements regular annual reporting to Environmental Protection Agency and the report to Ministry of Culture about activities undertaken in relation to the situation of air transport and protection of wildlife.

The company is also accredited as part of the monitoring and control of CO2 emissions into the environment under the auspices ACI – Airport Carbon Accreditation programme for level 1 - Mapping with the goal of introducing a system management CO2 emissions, since 2010.By implementing the procedures, the Management Board and the employees apply the measures of sustainable development systematically and comprehensively. These measures have been included in all the documents of the Dubrovnik Airport integrated environmental protection system. Effective system for protection against pollution regularly monitors wastewaters, air and hazardous and non-hazardous waste. Monitoring and measuring using internal and external independent audits and inspections have been conducted. Dubrovnik Airport has made great efforts and invested large funds into the maintenance of environmental protection and natural balance at and around the Airport. With every investment activity the Airport observes site geographic characteristics, the flora and fauna of the area, natural structures and cultural monuments such as the Đurovića Cave underneath the Apron.

More documents available in Croatian language.

More detailed information about Dubrovnik Airport's investing in conservation and environmental protection you can find in the following documents.