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Passengers Business

Mission and vision


  • To be the leading airport in the region.


  • The purpose of our business is to provide safe and regular air transportation for people and cargo.

General and specific goals for the next three years

  • To run the business with the care of a prudent businessman and to provide safe, efficient and reliable handling for our customers
  • To train and further educate our staff in order to maintain the high quality of our service
  • To assist our customers in developing their strategies with regard to introduction of new routes or the level of frequency of existing routes
  • To increase the annual handing capacity of the airport to 2+ million passengers

Our values

  • Quality of service
  • Safety and security
  • Environmental responsibility

Key principles of our relations with our employees and partners

Our strength lies in our employees. We recognise that a successful business needs well-motivated, professional, responsible and loyal staff who are highly productive. This approach has earned us the trust of our business partners with whom we enjoy a long-standing, co-operative relationship. The principles underlying our relationship with our employees and business partners are laid out in the document "The Dubrovnik Airport Ethical Code".