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Passengers Business


Intermodal Passengers Connectivity between Ports and Airports (INTER-PASS) is a project approved under the INTERREG V-B Adriatic-Ionian Transnational Cooperation Programme 2014-2020.

The programme is funded by the European Regional Development Fund under the European Territorial Coopreation objective, which provides support to regional cooperation between countries of the Adriatic-Ionian Region during the programming period 2014-2020.

The managing body of the Cooperation Program is the Emilia-Romagna Region based in Bologna, Italy. The national body in the Republic of Croatia which is coordinating the implementation of the jointly programme with other participating countries is the Ministry of Regional Development and European Union funds. The Agency for Regional Development of the Republic of Croatia has been appointed as the control body in the Republic of Croatia within the European Territorial Cooperation Programme.

The project will be implemented by 8 project partners and one associated partner from Italy.

The project has started in January 2018 and it is expected to be finished in December 2019. The total budget approved for the project amounts to 1.498.568 EUR, 85% of which is co-financed through the ERDF fund (European Regional Development Fund).

There are many maritime cities in the Adriatic-Ionian Region, which have to deal with a very high number of passengers during the peak season and in which cruise tourism is an important factor of regional and local development. However, most of these “homeports” for cruisers & ferries are suffering from a lack of integration within various modes of transport, especially with regional airports.

The overall objective of the INTER-PASS project is to enhance the intermodal connections between ports and airports in the Adriatic–Ionian Region in order to improve the processing of passengers, mainly cruise tourists and travellers reaching tourist destinations located on Adriatic and Ionian costs during the peak season.

The project will produce 3 specific outputs:

1) Cooperation networks on intermodal and multimodal connectivity between ports and airports located in the Adriatic-Ionian Region. The network will be a place where partners and other stakeholders will exchange knowledge on innovative solutions (techniques, methods, operating codes etc.) that could be easily and successfully adapted in the Adriatic-Ionian context.
2) An action plan for each territory which will define solutions to be tested and implemented in involved cities. The testing of 4 identified solutions to be implemented in Dubrovnik, Pula, Bari and Corfu during the Summer of 2019 with the objective to significantly speed up the tourist processing between ports and airports.
3) Elaboration of a joint Integrated Strategic Plan for multimodal passenger transportation between ports and airports to be shared with other ports, airports, and authorities located in the Adriatic-Ionian Region.

The project Kick-off meeting was held in Dubrovnik on the 30th-31st of January 2018 where the project partners were introduced and project activities, timeline and deliverables were discussed. During the project life cycle, it is expected that 4 additional meetings will be held together with one international conference, which will be held in Bari. All meetings will be accompanied by press releases and conferences.

We hope that besides the mentioned project objectives, the project will contribute to future colaboration between program partner countries involved and better understanding on the issues regarding air traffic and maritime connectivity.

The project consortium is formed of 8 project partners and 1 associated partners.

Project Partners:

  • Dubrovnik Airport Ltd,
  • Dubrovnik Port Authority,
  • Airports of Apuglia,
  • Southern Adriatic Sea Port Authority,
  • Pula Airport Ltd,
  • Pula Port Authority,
  • Technological Educational Institute of Epirus – Research Committee,
  • Corfu Port Authority S.A.

Associate Partner:

  • Venezia Terminal Passeggeri S.p.A.

Our team dedicated to INTER-PASS project is formed of:

  • Project Manager and Financial Manager: Hrvoje Spremić
  • Thematic Expert: Josip Paljetak
  • Legal Affairs and Procurement Manager: Paula Krmek
  • Marketing and Communications Manager: Anita Brailo
  • Technical Expert: Marko Vujica

For questions regarding the project, feel free to contact Dubrovnik Airport Ltd. at