Passengers Business

Organizational structure

Internal structure

The Ordinance on the Organization and Systematisation of Dubrovnik Airport Jobs as of 31 October 2016 regulates the organizational structure of Dubrovnik Airport doo, the names of sectors, organizational units within each sector and the names of all posts. You can download the organizational chart at the bottom of the page.

Management and ownership

Dubrovnik Airport d.o.o. it was registered in the court register in March 1994 with its headquarters in Cilipi. On November 23, 1998, the Company, by decision IT-98 / 2198-3 MBS: 060145601, registered the harmonization of general acts and share capital with the Companies Act. The share capital of the company amounts to HRK 547,050,000.00. You can download the social contract of Dubrovnik Airport doo and the Rules of Procedure of the Supervisory Board at the bottom of the page.

Management of the company:
Managing Director: Frano Luetić

Supervisory Board:
1. Mario Curić, President
2. Ivica Martić, Deputy President
3. Vilma Kosović, Member
4. Ivana Šušnjić, Member
5. Luka Klaić, Member
6. Irena Gerovac Zrnić, Member
7. Ivo Miletić, Member

Audit Committee:
1. Mato Begović, President
2. Mario Curić, Member
3. Ivica Martić, Member

01/01/2019. There were a total of 393 employees at Dubrovnik Airport.