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Green and intermodal solutions for Adriatic ports and airports - ADRIGREEN is a project approved under the INTERREG V-A Italy Croatia CBC Programme 2014-2020.

The programme is funded by the European Regional Development Fund under the European Territorial Cooperation objective during the programming period 2014-2020. The managing body of the Cooperation Program is the Veneto Region, Italy. The national body of the Republic of Croatia coordinating the implementation of the joint programme with other participating countries, is the Ministry of Regional Development and European Union funds.

The project has commenced in January 2019 and it is expected to end by January 2021. The total budget approved for the project amounts to 2.104.217,00 EUR, 85% of which is co-financed through the ERDF fund (European Regional Development Fund). The project will be implemented by 10 project partners.

Project description:

One of the main problems that characterize the Adriatic coastal area is the imbalance in the development of infrastructures and modes of transport, caused by low level of investments and insufficient approach to innovation. In Italy and in Croatia there are many maritime cities, which have to deal with a very high number of passengers, especially during the peak season. Even though the road transportation is still predominant, the number of people that are reaching Adriatic cities by ferries and airplanes is significantly increasing year by year. However, most of Adriatic ports and airports are suffering from lack of integration with various modes of transportation, causing serious traffic congestion problems during the summer season.

The main objective of ADRIGREEN project is to improve the integration of Croatian and Italian ports and airports with other modes of transportation in order to enhance the processing of passengers during the summer seasons and to improve environmental performances of the Adriatic maritime and aviation systems.

The aim of the project is to improve the integration of Adriatic ports and airports with other modes of transportation by testing several intermodal operational and technological solutions. By identifying and analyzing already existing procedures, the project partners will test a number of intermodal practices in order to evaluate their adaptability and transferability into the Programme area.

The project will produce following main results:

  • Identification of suitable solutions to lowering airports/ports environmental impacts and improvement of intermodal connections with other modes of transportation
  • Detailed environmental assessment of involved ports/airports
  • Realization of 2 Joint Action Plans: one for intermodal passengers transportation from/to ports and airports and one for a sustainable airport and port management
  • Testing of 6 new and smart solutions in area of Pula, Dubrovnik, Rimini, Ancona, Pescara and Bari
  • Elaboration of a cross-border technical manual with all identified and tested solutions and practical indications on how those solutions could be successfully replicated in all cooperation areas
  • Cross-Border Forum of Green and Intermodal Ports and Airports to present solutions, explain benefits and share recommendations for new strategies

The project Kick-off meeting was held in Pula on the 5th- 6th of February 2019 where the project partners were introduced and project activities, timeline and deliverables were discussed. During the project life cycle, it is expected that 4 additional meetings be held, as well as one Cross border forum. All meetings will be accompanied by press releases and conferences. We hope that besides the mentioned project objectives, the project will contribute to future collaboration between the partner countries involved as well as better understanding on the issues regarding air traffic and maritime connectivity.

The project consortium is formed of 10 project partners:

  • PULA AIRPORT Ltd., Lead Partner
  • AIRIMINUM 2014 S.P.A., Rimini

Our dedicated ADRRIGREEN project team:

  • Project Manager and Financial Manager: Hrvoje Spremić
  • Subject Expert: Josip Paljetak
  • Legal Affairs and Procurement Manager: Paula Krmek
  • Marketing and Communications Manager: Nikolina Džamonja

For questions regarding the project, feel free to contact Dubrovnik Airport Ltd. at

For more project information, please visit