Within implementation of the „DUBROVNIK AIRPORT DEVELOPMENT“ project, which has been co-financed by European union funds through the operative programme Competitiveness and Cohesion, the terminal area navigation procedure for approaching and landing of aircrafts from the east has been implemented. The mentioned implies night flights from the east as well, which has not been possible for the last 50 years.
With the support of the Croatian Control for air traffic and the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency, Dubrovnik Airport has ensured preconditions for safe operation in all conditions, and a few carriers have already landed complying by the mentioned procedure. Dubrovnik Airport is hoping that Croatia Airlines will be able to operate according to this advanced procedure as well.
This the first procedure of its kind in the Republic of Croatia which is based exclusively on GPS technology and which allows for significantly more precise and safer landing. When designing the procedure, a lot of operational demands needed to be met, amongst which was also to remain within Croatian state lines, which, taking the safety standards and criteria when designing the procedure into consideration, has been a challenge.
The procedure has officially stepped into force with the 6th of December 2018, and is, from the mentioned day onwards, frequently used for undisturbed landing operations into Dubrovnik Airport.
The video shows the landing of an aircraft using the mentioned procedure as well the view from the cockpit.

VIDEO: LDDU procedure

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