Purchase your daily, three-day, or seven-day Dubrovnik Pass for sightseeing in Dubrovnik online and save.

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Whoever prepares for Dubrovnik will enjoy it longer and more affordably. Why pay more for sightseeing and transportation in Dubrovnik if you don't have to?

The Dubrovnik Pass is a digital ticket designed for tourists visiting this beautiful city for one day, three days, or a week. It allows them to not worry about transportation in the town, or standing in line to buy tickets, and reduces sightseeing costs. The best part is that you can purchase your tickets in advance online and at the airport as soon as you land, saving you time and money from the start.

The Dubrovnik Pass was created to help guests have more time to enjoy our unique city's rich culture and beauty.

The Dubrovnik Pass includes access to the most important landmarks, museums, and galleries in Dubrovnik, including the city walls, the symbol of the city.

And since sometimes you need transportation for sightseeing, the Dubrovnik Pass also includes free public transportation within the city.


Learn how the Dubrovnik Pass works, what it includes, and other essential information below:


Where can I buy the Dubrovnik Pass?

If you want to come to Dubrovnik prepared, you can find and buy the Dubrovnik Pass for 2024 online on the official web shop.

If you are arriving in Dubrovnik by plane and haven't had the chance to shop online earlier, you can buy the Dubrovnik Pass as soon as you land at Dubrovnik Airport. Scan the QR code on the advertisements placed in the airport buildings and you will soon have the digital ticket on your mobile phone. This way, you can start your vacation in Dubrovnik with discounted access from the very beginning.

You can also find the ticket that will make exploring our city easier at various locations within the city. The Dubrovnik Pass is waiting for you in most Dubrovnik hotels, certain museums, and tourist centers. You can find all sales points on the website.


How can the Dubrovnik Pass be purchased?

Buying a digital ticket is quick and easy, and you can choose between paying online with cards or with cash at physical locations.


Before your trip, visit the Dubrovnik Pass website through the web shop, select a one-day, three-day, or seven-day pass for summer 2024, and complete your purchase by following all the steps.

Upon landing at Dubrovnik Airport, scanning the QR code from numerous Dubrovnik Pass posters will also direct you to the online purchase, which you can complete in just a few clicks.

After selecting your option, follow the payment instructions and your digital ticket will be waiting on your mobile phone.


If you prefer not to buy online or are currently unable to do so, you can purchase your Dubrovnik Pass with cash at one of the many sales points throughout the city. It is also available at our Pile shop in Dubrovnik.


What does the Dubrovnik Pass include?

Explore Dubrovnik with the Dubrovnik Pass and ensure free transportation within the city, visit two galleries, the city walls, and numerous museums. With this digital ticket, you can easily create an itinerary based on your preferences and better plan your sightseeing.

In addition to free public transportation, the Dubrovnik Pass includes entry to many cultural landmarks, including:

  • City Walls + Fort Lovrijenac
  • Ethnographic Museum
  • Archaeological Exhibitions
  • Dulčić Masle Pulitika Gallery
  • Pulitika Atelier
  • Dubrovnik Natural History Museum
  • Franciscan Monastery Museum
  • Bukovac House
  • Dubrovnik Art Gallery
  • Marin Držić House
  • Cultural-Historical Museum, Rector's Palace
  • Maritime Museum

With the Dubrovnik Pass, you also get numerous other discounts , such as up to 50% off entry to Lazareti, discounts for the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Mljet National Park, Lokrum Nature Reserve, Ston Walls, and more.

Check which discounts are included in the price of the Dubrovnik Pass.


What is the price of the Dubrovnik Pass?

One ticket is valid for one adult or one adult and a child under 7 years old.

  • One-day Dubrovnik Pass is available for 35 EUR.*
  • Three-day Dubrovnik Pass is available for 45 EUR.
  • Seven-day Dubrovnik Pass is available for 55 EUR.
Why is it worth it?

A standalone ticket for the City Walls + Fort Lovrijenac costs 35 euros. With the one-day Dubrovnik Pass priced at 35 euros, you not only gain entry to this site but also to dozens of other locations in the city.


How to activate the Dubrovnik Pass:

You can easily activate the Dubrovnik Pass during your first visit to one of the cultural institutions or by obtaining a bus ticket.

Bus tickets for free transportation can be collected on any of the public city buses.


How many times can I use the Dubrovnik Pass for entry?

Visits to museums, galleries, and other cultural institutions are single-use, meaning you can only gain free entry once per location. However, you can use the bus ticket for free transportation as many times as needed until the Dubrovnik Pass expires.


What is the price of the Dubrovnik Pass for children?

There is no need to purchase a Dubrovnik Pass for children under seven years old.

The Dubrovnik Pass is your ticket to a more carefree and affordable exploration of this beautiful city. There's truly no need to pay more.