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60 Years of
Dubrovnik Airport

Dubrovnik Airport is one of nine airports in Croatia. It was first built in 1936, in Gruda, Konavle. During WW2, the traffic was temporarily stopped and in 1962, the airport was relocated to its current location, near Čilipi village.
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Dubrovnik Airport (ZLD)

Every Flight Begins
at the Airport

It is also where our flight began in 1962, and has lasted until this day in the very same location, albeit with several unfortunate interruptions, which are described in this book. We are leaving behind 60 unforgettable years filled with enthusiasm, self-sacrifice, tireless persistence and, finally, showing quantifiable results.


The Adriatic pearl, heaven on Earth, as the legendary George Bernard Shaw once called it. Dubrovnik and its entire region, from Ponta Oštra in the southeast to its nearby islands and the valley of Neretva (estuary of Neretva river), has been lucky to have an airport that facilitates an impressive amount of tourist traffic, contributing to the overall economic development of the Croatian far south.

We are proud of our direct intercontinental connection to the United States, via the routes of the world's largest airlines, including American Airlines, United Airlines, and Delta Airways. We are deeply thankful to all our colleagues and associates, not only the employees of Dubrovnik Airport, but also the Croatia Control (HKZP), Airport Police Station Čilipi, Customs Office, INA fuel suppliers, Newrest for their food and beverage services, Securitas for their security checks, as well as the agencies, tour operators, transport services, taxi drivers, and everyone else whose work has contributed to the enduring success of our operation.

With the continued support from the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, Dubrovnik-Neretva County, Konavle Municipality, and the City of Dubrovnik, there are no obstacles to further investments and prosperity of this lifeblood of our region.Finally, I would like to thank everyone for their understanding and cooperation in working for the benefit of this entire community.

Managing Director,
Frano Luetić

Frano Luetić
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In May 1962, the current (and fourth) location of Dubrovnik Airport saw its first official airplane landing. The flights have continued to this day, made possible by sixty years of hard work, growth, and continued modernisation, as well as generations of people who grew, learned and lived off and for this airport.

From harsh times in 1991 to this day, from a simple concrete strip to the modern 3300-meter-long runway, from short distance domestic routes to intercontinental flights, and with three million passengers annually, all of that is our airport!

“Our airport”, such a familiar expression for what it means to us – our airport! Throughout generations, it has been a place of happy arrivals and hopeful departures, warm welcomes and goodbyes, the place of work, progress and constant improvement, a place where everyone is welcome. A place of security and care for others, a place that strives for excellence and modesty. A place of setting records. We rightly call it “our airport.”

From the monograph “60 Years of Dubrovnik Airport” by Mario Raguž

Dubrovnik Airport is the publisher of the, now traditional, third monograph. “60 Years of Dubrovnik Airport” introduces the reader to the historic beginnings of airflight in our region – from the brittle Austro-Hungarian seaplanes, and somewhat more robust planes and seaplanes of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, to the turning point marked by the start of commercial flight in the old airport locations in Konavle field back in 1936. For those who are curious, the book brings a host of new verified information and attractive photographs.
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Second best airport in Europe in the category of up to 5 million passengers.

Dubrovnik became the first city in the former Yugoslavian region to have the latest Boeing B787 Dreamliner land at its airport.

Dubrovnik Airport was awarded the flattering title of the fastest growing airport in the wider region of former Yugoslavia, while its passenger traffic reached the magic number of 2 million.

Beginning of the new era for Dubrovnik Airport, as well as for Dubrovnik tourism in general. This year marked the realisation of the largest and most important reconstruction in the history of the Airport. The 227 million “Dubrovnik Airport Development” project (February 2013 –May 2017) undoubtedly represents its “ticket for the future.” 73% of the project funding was provided by the EU. The other 27% was funded from working capital, as well as through a loan from the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development (HBOR) and two loans from the European Investment Bank.

The best year in the southern Croatian air traffic history, when the annual number of passengers going through Dubrovnik Airport reached 3 million. It was also the year that the Airport saw its first intercontinental flight from the US, following a 28-year-long break.

Showing its human face during the period of health crisis, when the whole world ground to a halt, Dubrovnik Airport reduced the volume of its business, successfully retaining all its full-time staff. The business liquidity was aided by the Croatian Government through relief funds and through other activities. The Airport played an important role in the transportation of much needed medical equipment to Dubrovnik, as well as facilitating the arrival of doctors and other medical personnel and the evacuation of patients.
With the gradual return to normal operations in 2021, the number of passengers has grown again, with continued investments in the equipment and infrastructure.
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