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Trade Air 2x a week from Dubrovnik to Split and Rijeka and vice versa

As of July 3 the airline company Trade Air will be offering two weekly flights from Dubrovnik to Split and Rijeka and vice versa (Tuesdays and Thursdays). This regular airline route will be active during all of the winter months, which is an extremely important fact considering that our county is somewhat isolated in transportation terms.

> This airline route was organized because of the legal obligation of providing public airline service prescribed by the rules and regulations of the Republic of Croatia and the EU.

> The flights are organized thanks to the partnership of Trade Air and Croatia Airlines and offer the additional possibility of being connected with flights to all other Croatian and European airports. The tickets come at attractive prices which can be as low as HRK 200. The flights are carried out by Jetstream 32 planes with a capacity of 19 passenger seats. This means more great news for next winter and represents significant development stemming from our year-long efforts to ensure quality and fast transportation within our region.