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Dubrovnik Airport Acquires New Scanner

Dubrovnik Airport has procured a new cargo scanner thereby ensuring a completely standalone process of goods scanning - for the first time since the period before the Homeland War. The whole investment is worth eur 195.000.

Thanks to this device the security level of the control process and goods flow in airport traffic has been significantly improved.

The scanner was installed in the eastern part of the airport. It is 85 % co-financed by the EU’s IPA fund as part of the Adriatic IPA project.

The procurement of a modern scanner is a part of the realization of the project Airport Security and Air Taxi Network in the Adriatic, which was officially approved by the EU as part of the IPA Adriatic Cross-Border Cooperation Programme. The project is funded with over 1.5 million euros. It will last for 30 months and include eight partners from Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Albania.

The end goal of the project is the possibility of establishing flexible and custom-ordered airline connections in the Adriatic macroregion, which will rely on air taxies and improvement of airport security standards.


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